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Our skilled, friendly staff are on hand to help everyone to enjoy their trip and take home a truly unforgettable experience!

Since we started our Company thousands of visitors have travelled through Russia with our assistance, and our regular Clients Service Surveys show a consistently high level of satisfaction with all aspects of their visit.

We are always happy to offer customized itineraries to meet your ideas and budget.

We have lots of experience in offering tours to leading Western tour operators and have specialist staff working on these itineraries who have done the trips themselves.

We offer a free delivery service of  travel documents to addresses in Moscow. Please ask about delivery to other cities.

Our Agency speciality — Trans-Siberian Trips by the Trans-Siberian Railway, the best known and longest in the world.

As you travel 9001 km from Moscow to Beijing you will have an opportunity to see the plains, the Taiga Forests, steppes and the desert, rivers and lakes. The train will run across the European part of Russia, across the ancient Ural Mountains, Siberia — the «sleeping land» and Baikal Lake area… passing across meridians to the mountainous Mongolia and the vast ground of Gobi Desert, the Kingdom of Cathay, the Great Wall. During the trip you can make the stops in Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk and Baikal Lake, Ulan-Ude, Mongolia, Beijing — it is going to be a trip to remember!

Mind that besides our Moscow office all Marlis Travel guests  get full assistance in all cities on the route .