Mongolia — the country is about 3 times the size of France and with population of only 2,5 million. There are 38 national parks covering 10% of the country. Historic Buddhist Monasteries remnomadic lifestyle of the Steppe, which has changed little since the time of Genghis Khan.ain functioning in the capital and elsewhere. Nearly 50% of the population cling to the Ulaanbaatar

You can spend some days in a camp at Elstei, riding horses, visiting nomads, walking around and enjoying beautiful countryside with vast grasslands and rugged hills with horses and yaks running free. Here you sleep in a traditional Mongolian «ger» which is furnished with traditional wooden furniture. All bedding and food is provided.

In Ulaanbaatar you will stay at a hotel. We can offer you both budget and 2-3* hotel accommodation. The following services can be provided:

    • A city tour
    • A visit to the Nature History Museum to see the Dinosaur Gallery which displays Gobi desert dinosaur eggs and skeletons among other exhibits of its collection of natural history and archaeology.
    • A visit to the Winter Palace of Bogd-Khaan, originally designed as the residence for the Bogd Khan VIII of Mongolia, the Palace is now a beautiful museum filled with handcrafted religious relics, gorgeous ceremonial robes, and the personal effects of this eccentric theocrat, who died in 1923.
    • A visit to the functioning Gandan Lama Monastery, which was founded in the 17th century, survived the long period of religious repression in the 1930s, and until 1991 served as the only functioning monastery in the country.
    • A visit to the theatre or a concert or other cultural performance. There are five major theatres — including an opera house that presents Western operas sung in Mongolian! The National Theatre offers folklore performances, which are extremely popular with the locals.
    • A day trip to Terelj National Park set in a spectacular valley only one hour drive from Ulaanbaatar. You can take leisurely strolls on green meadows with abundance of wildflowers, view fascinating rock formations against a backdrop of pine-covered mountains, wander along the wooded banks of a mountain stream, ride horses. Overnight in a ger camp is possible
    • A day excursion to Ondor Dov to visit the beautiful Manzshir monastery, which was built in the 1800s, was badly damaged in the Stalinst antireligious fervor of the 1930s. Today the damage is being repaired and the monks are very friendly to visitors. During the trip you can also trek up one of the Four Holy Peaks and visit a museum in Zuunmod. Overnight in a ger camp in Ondor Dov is possible.
    • A day trip to the Valley of Manzshir. It is located in the Bogd Mountains area less than one hour drive from Ulaanbaatar. You can hike on forested mountain slopes, wander through meadows, explore the ruins of the ancient Manzshir Monastery, ride horses.
  • Jeep trip to the Gobi Desert are possible (May-December) for duration of 3 or more days.

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