Murmansk – “Northern Sea Gate of Russia” – is unique in several respects at once. For many visitors, Murmansk is a study in Russian maritime history. Unlike other cities in the Arctic, Murmansk does not have such a severe winter. In Murmansk, the polar day period lasts 50 days, and the polar night – 42.
The largest city north of the Arctic Circle, Murmansk (population: 303,700) is located at the end of a deep bay off the Barents Sea in northwestern Russia, and is an ideal stopping point for anyone with an interest in ships and polar exploration. The city is the major embarkation point for expeditions into the Russian Arctic National Park, the northernmost and largest specially protected natural area in Russia.

Nuclear-powered Lenin icebreaker
Nuclear-powered icebreaker Lenin is the world’s first ship with a nuclear power plant. The decommissioned icebreaker now operates as a museum on the Murmansk pier. Icebreaker became a sensation in the middle of the last century. Due to its innovative characteristics, it could visit the waters of the Arctic and Antarctica in one voyage. There is a permanent exhibition “Atom and Arctic” on board the icebreaker today. It is an interactive museum and educational complex. Here you can learn about the history of the nuclear fleet and the development of the Arctic.

Navigation Museum
The Northern Navy Museum and Shipping History Museum (Navigation Museum) will captivate history buffs. Museum visitors will be able to get acquainted with the history of shipbuilding, in particular, nuclear submarines and naval missile-carrying aircraft. The collection contains ship models, weapons samples, maps, navigation tools, personal items and photos of sailors, award badges, flags, banners and other exhibits.

Murmansk Aquarium is the northernmost aquarium in Europe, where Arctic seals live and perform. The most famous artist of the aquarium is the oldest gray seal. Pinnipeds circus performers will give you sincere emotions and funny moments. You will see the Arctic seals, bearded seals and gray seals, who were found on the vastness of the ocean. They were pulled through. Because of their weakness they couldn’t be released. And now they demonstrate their skills in Aquarium and happily take pictures with tourists.

Saami village
The Saami  village in the Murmansk region is a unique place where the traditions and customs of the ancient Saami  people are preserved. Here you can personally learn about their lifestyle, daily life and hunting, as well as “appease the spirit with a coin. “Do not forget that the Murmansk region is a place where every tourist must definitely ride on deer in the Saami village, taste local cuisine based on local meat and herbs, visit the places of power and see the famous Northern Lights!

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