LMLia Fisenko

General Director, PhD in sociology.
One of the founders of Marlis Travel in 1992.  Besides, of course, her work, loves ballet, classical music, playing tennis, swimming, and cross-country skiing.




Muravieva Tamara

Chief Accountant, PhD in economics.
Has been with Marlis since 1997.
Loves traveling extensively around Russia and abroad, with her daughter.



_DSC4437Maria Kolesnikova

Executive Director
started her work with Marlis as a tour guide being young University student. Enjoys travelling & skiing in different countries, loves Russian Rock music, reading books by American & British authors.



oria Sachkova

Senior Manager

Has been with Marlis for 15 years, most experienced in Trans-Siberian & train journey. She brings up 2 daughters and a charming little dog, loves cooking and knitting.




MELNIK Svetlana  

St. Petersburg Senior Manager.
She has been with Marlis in St. Petersburg office since 1992. Svetlana knows her beloved city better than anybody else. She loves poetry &  writes it herself.



AnyaPisareva Anna

Manager. Graduate of the Moscow  Academy for Hotel and Tourism Business. Loves books, films and classical music



DSC_0840Chinareva Olga

Manager. The youngest of Marlis staff, is very experienced in operations, enjoying learning foreign languages, German & Korean, likes couchsurfing & travelling to exotic destinations.




MarinaPishchenkova Marina

St. Petersburg Manager.
Graduated the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts (museology faculty).She likes to study history and culture of her native city – St. Petersburg, to play a classical guitar, to dance the Latin American dances, to learn Spanish. Enjoys meeting and communicating with new interesting people.


Копия DSC_0058Vinogradova Elena & Kuksheva Elena

Our very best guides create and guide unique city tours, for example – the ‘Moscow walks’, ‘KGB walk’, ‘anti-KGB tour’ and many more. Both have been with Marlis for over 15 years. Both are extremely knowledgeable, inventive, friendly and have a great sense of humour.