The Jewish tour



Moscow Jewish tour

This 5-hours excursion is devoted to visiting places connected with the cultural and religious life of different Jewish families in Moscow. You will be taken to places associated with prominent Jewish intellectuals, such as the poet Mandelstam and the actor Michoels. During the tour you will also visit the Central choral synagogue, the Memorial synagogue and the Holocaust Museum on Poklonnaya Gora, its construction was a symbolic event in Russian history after the fall of the totalitarian regime. You will also visit the communal center in Marina Rosha and the Jewish Museum. You will learn about the Pale of Settlement, the first generation of Soviet Jews who identified with the Revolution’s internationalism, which promised to eradicate all national prejudice and inequalities.

St. Petersburg Jewish tour 

The Great Ghoral Synagogue built in 1893 in Moorish style is the second largest in Europe.  It is an orthodox synagogue and can accommodate 1200 worshipers. The interior decoration of the Great Ghoral Synagogue was the work of Leon Bakhman. Great Ghoral Synagogue, Spb

The Ginsburg House: belonged to the famous St. Petersburg banker and philanthropist Baron Horace Ginsburg who was one of the leaders of the Jewish community and one of the major donors for the construction of the Great Choral Synagogue.  He was also the founder of ORT, a well-known Jewish organization.
The Academy of Fine Arts.  Among graduates of the Academy were such famous Jewish artists as sculptor Antokolsky whose sculptures belong to the National Russian Museum, world famous painter Mark Shagal and architect Leon Bakhman.
The Museum of Russian Art, the Museum keeps the works of the Jewish artists such as Levitan, Altman, Shagall, Soutin and many others.
The Church on the Spilled Blood. Tsar Alexander II allowed wealthy and well educated Jews to leave the Pale of Settlement and the Jewish population of St. Petersburg grew significantly with his reforms. In 1881 there were already 17,000 Jews.
The Russian Ethnography Museum where there is an exhibition “History and Culture of the Jewish people on the territory of Russia”. On display there are artifacts brought in the 19th century from the Pale of Settlement by a Jewish scholar and ethnographer Ansky as well as Jewish manuscripts and first published Jewish books from the National Public Library.
Jewish St. Petersburg Community Home is the center of Jewish life today. It accommodates a number of Jewish organizations such as Jewish Family Center, a welfare organization for the elderly, Hillel and the Institute of Judaica.
The Jewish Memorial Cemetery, among those buried are public figure S. Polyakov, publisher Ginsbourg, sculptor Antokolsky, victims of the Siege of Leningrad during the Second World Warisit (can be arranged if time permits).
Note: you may not have enough time during this tour to go inside all the buildings above, you will see some of them from outside and the guide will tell you the stories connected with these places.