Trans-Siberian Tours

Day 1
Arrive in St.Petersburg – Imperial-era capital. Accommodation at the hotel for 2 nights

Day 2

Sightseeing tour of Saint Petersburg – the guide tells you about the history, architecture and life of10 today’s city. On the tour you will walk along Nevsky Prospect, see the Palace Square, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Winter Palace, the Admiralty, and other famous things. You will also visit the Peter and Paul Fortress, and if you get there by 12:00 p.m. you will hear the traditional daily cannon-shot. Besides, in the Fortress you can visit the Peter and Paul Cathedral – the burial place of all the Russian Emperors from Peter the Great to Nicholas II who was buried there.

Day 3
Check-outFree time. Optional tours:
• The Hermitage tour
• Pushkin and Pavlovsk Tour.
• the Peterhof tour  etc

Departure St.Petersburg to Moscow by train

Day 4
Arrival in Moscowthe capital of Russia. Stay in Moscow for 2 nights (hotel).
We will help you to see its hidden treasures, introduce you to the diversity of its architectural styles from austere and restrained ancient Russian style to richly decorated Moscow Baroque, to the elegant Empire, fascinating Art Nouveau and even Pseudo-Chinese and Moorish styles. Building, streets, boulevards will come alive at our Walks. We will tell you stories, tales and legends you will not find in traditional guide-books or hear on coach tours. Your half-day panoramic tour includes the most important sites in the city: the Bolshoi Theatre, Tverskaya street – one of main street in Moscow, The GUM Department store, Red Square and St.Basil Cathedral.  3

Day 5.
Free time. Optional tours
– the Kremlin tour including Armory visit
– the Tretyakov Art Gallery
– the Cold War Museum visit… etc

Day 6
Check -out.
Departure Moscow to Kazan by train

Day 7
Arrive Kazan.  Accommodation at the hotel for 1 night.9
We offer a tour around the city with its best sightseeing such as Peter & Paul’s Cathedral, Freedom Square, Sulital-Galeev Sguare, Mardzhani Mosque, Kazan State University. We’d like to invite you for a walk along its oldest streets, Kremlin, Bauman and Big Red Street – to give you some historical, cultural and religios information.

Day 8
Check-out. Free time. Optional tours:
– Raifa Virgin Monastery;
– Tour to Sviyazsk Island;
– Orthodox Kazan etc.

Departure Kazan to Ekaterinburg by train

Day 9
Arrival in Ekaterinburg in the evening  capital of the Urals, real centre of the continent and the border between Europe and Asia. The former name of this city is Sverdlovsk.

Stay in Ekaterinburg for 1 night (at the hotel )

Day 10
Sightseeing tour of Ekaterinburg
On this tour our guide will lead you through central streets and through the historical center of the city and show some original samples of the old machinery on the Historical Square. You will see Monument to city foundersstatues of Ekaterinburg’s founders and communist leaders, and the guide will tell you some local stories, legends and jokes, related to them. On the 1905 Revolution square you will view all the history of the city on the ancient pictures shown by our guide. There will be an opportunity to visit splendid Church of Spilled Blood at the Romanovs’ Death Site and the Chapel of St. Elizabeth. You will observe beautiful views of Ekaterinburg and the City Pond from an embankment and from the Hill of Ascension. The sorrowful Afghanistan memorial at the Square of Red Army, gorgeous villas of Urals “gold merchants” of 19th century and monumental buildings in “Stalin’s neoclassicism” style are to survey, too. The tour also includes a visit to one of the local museums (the bestseller is the “Museum of gems”).

Departure for Irkutsk by train at night or early morning (next date)

 Day 11,12
On boardYou can enjoy your trip, meet the other Westerners, play card or chess, visit the restaurant car or hop off at the stations for a little exercise.

Day 13
Arrival in Irkutsk in the morningone of the Siberia’s few historic cities, known as the «Paris of Siberia». The distinctive feature of its old buildings is the «Siberian lace» — elaborate fretwork carrying around the doors and windows.
Transfer to the Baikal lakeshore.6

Stay in Listvianka village on the Baikal lake for 1 night (homestay BB/hotel)
During the stay in the village, an experienced guide/interpreter will be with you, not only arranging trips and excursions, but also helping you associate with the family and local people, Siberian village life style and culture. The hospitable landlady will cook delicious traditional food. Hotel accommodation in Listvyanka can be provided as well.

The following activities can be offered:

  • Climbing to the Chersky peak to enjoy the magnificent view of Baikal from the top
  • Climbing with a visit to the Solar Observatory
  • Ferry trip to Port Baikal and trekking along the Circum-Baikal section of the old Trans-Siberian Railroad.

Day 14
Transfer to Irkutsk. Stay in Irkutsk for 1 night (hotel  BB)

Day 15
Departure for Ulan Bator in the evening

Day 16
Arrival in Ulan Bator in the morning
Mongolia — the country is about 3 times the size of France and with population of only 2,5 million. There are 38 national parks covering 10% of the country. Historic Buddhist Monasteries remnomadic lifestyle of the Steppe, which has changed little since the time of Genghis Khan.ain functioning in the capital and elsewhere.

Transfer to Gobi desert8
Stay in Mongolian Ger camp in Gobi for 1 night (camp FB)

You can spend some days in a camp at Elstei, riding horses, visiting nomads, walking around and enjoying beautiful countryside with vast grasslands and rugged hills with horses and yaks running free. Here you sleep in a traditional Mongolian «ger» which is furnished with traditional wooden furniture. All bedding and food is provided.

Day 17
Transfer to Ulan-Bator
Stay in Ulan Bator for 1 night (hotel BB). In Ulaanbaatar you will stay at a hotel. We can offer you both budget and 3-4* hotel accommodation. The following services can be provided:
• A city tour
• A visit to the Nature History Museum to see the Dinosaur Gallery which displays Gobi desert dinosaur eggs and skeletons among other exhibits of its collection of natural history and archaeology.
• A visit to the Winter Palace of Bogd-Khaan, originally designed as the residence for the Bogd Khan VIII of Mongolia, the Palace is now a beautiful museum filled with handcrafted religious relics, gorgeous ceremonial robes, and the personal effects of this eccentric theocrat, who died in 1923.
• A visit to the functioning Gandan Lama Monastery, which was founded in the 17th century, survived the long period of religious repression in the 1930s, and until 1991 served as the only functioning monastery in the country.

Day 18
Departure for Beijing

 Day 19
Arrival in Beijing-China213
China has the most ancient (about 5000 years), unbroken, documented history; it is the fifth part of the world population; it is the third-largest country in the world; it is the motherland of paper, powder, porcelain; for it is diversity of climate and nature, China can practically be considered a continent on its own… + the most popular cuisine in the world.

Stay in Beijing for 2 nights (hotel BB)

The tours of Beijing:

  • To the Great Wall of China at Badaling and Ming Tombs/li
  • To the Summer Palace, Lama Temple and Beijing Zoo
  • To the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven

 Day 20
End of tour