You are welcome to Siberia! One is famous region in Russia. We invite you to stay in Irkutsk – celebrated city in this area. You wiil acquaint with the history of the city: during the tour you will see the oldest stone-structure Church of our Saviour and the only Catholic Cathedral in Irkutsk, Polish Roman Catholic Church. The tour leads you through the Kirov Square and circus. You’ll have a ride along the main street of Irkutsk, the Karl Marks Street, to get to the Angara river embankment.
The main reason why you must visit Irkutsk is  Baikal which is located 66 km from Irkutsk. Baiikal is a baby-ocean, it can not be compared with anything, and nothing can be compared to it. Everything about it impresses our imagination: its age of 20 million years, its maximum depth of 1637km. It is the deepest lake in the world.

We would like to offer the following activities and tours:

  • Accommodation on Olkhon Island. A day long trip to the northern part of the Island by car. Visit to the highlights of the island, such as the Sandy Bay, “Three Brothers” cape and the mysterious Khoboi. You’ll be taken to the best view points of Olkhon Island where the guide will introduce you to all mysterious legends that this place holds.
  •  Accommodation in Listvyanka village near Baikal. This old-style Siberian village on Lake Baikal, is famous for its trade history – from the 18th century its ferries took merchants across the lake to Mongolia and China and the Far East.Take chairlift up to an observation platform where you can enjoy a magnificent view of Lake Baikal and Listvyanka.
  •  Visit an open-air wooden architecture museum “Taltsy”. In the museum you’ll see the settlements of indigenous Siberian people of 17th-20th centuries. Some of the buildings presented in the museum were brought there from the villages that were flooded after building hydro-electric dams in the Irkutsk region.
  • Tour on the Circum-Baikal train. The train will make stops at historically important villages on the way, which gives you a chance to walk around and take beautiful pictures of the monuments of engineering, architecture and nature. The guide will take you through the longest tunnel on the railway; will show you the water pump towers that used to pump water for the steam train. Lunch in the Polovinnaya village served by a “Babushka” (an old Russian lady). This is where you’ll get to taste some home-made vodka!

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