Krasnoyarsk marks the border between the swampy west and the mountainous east of Siberia. It stands here like a guardian more than three hundred years. Krasnoyarsk is rich in museums, theatres, galleries, beautiful parks and other sightseeing places. Yenisei is the most important waterway of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Many beautiful bridges are thrown across the river. It is impossible to come to Krasnoyarsk and not come to the embankment of the great river. The scenery here is simply breathtaking. Russia has surprised the world with the constructions off the world longest railway, that’s why Krasnoyarsk railway bridge over the Yenisey River is perhaps, the most grandiose constructions of the Trans-Siberian railway project and a must see for all travelers.

Uniquely, the million-strong city boasts a hugely popular national park located within city boundaries. Annually, the Stolby (the Pillars) Nature Reserve is visited by more than a million tourists. Even a regular walk through the territory is a great pleasure, but the Stolby have an incredible ability to charge the strength and energy of everyone who comes here. The Black hill is another place where energy is concentrated in Krasnoyarsk. The Black hill has always been shrouded in legends and secrets. Someone believes that a treasure is hidden here; others are convinced that once a year a magical tree appears on the Black Hill and fulfills the wishes. Krasnoyarsk is an agreeable place to break the long Trans-Siberian journey and to enjoy the beauty of the Siberia.

Krasnoyarsk city tour
During the excursion we show you the most interesting places of the city: Mira square with outstanding view of Yenissei, monument to Andrew Dubenskoy, Karaulnaya hill from where you can see the whole city is spreading in front of your eyes. You will also visit Praskeva Pyatnitsa chapel and walk along the old streets, you will know where their names come from, how our city has been changing and growing. Our guides will make you fall in love with Krasnoyarsk. After observing the main city attractions, you will have lunch, and continue the tour heading 46 km (approximately 1 hour) outside Krasnoyarsk.

After a noisy city you will have a great panoramic view of Krasnoyarsk from the “Tsar Ryba” observation place. Also you will see Krasnoyarsk Hydro Power Station which is one of the biggest Hydro Power Stations in the world. At the fun-park “Bobrovy Log” tourists will go up to the hill by the ropeway, visit special observation places from where they can have a great view on the Takmak district of the Nature reserve. Return to the hotel after the tour. Dinner and overnight.

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