Vladivostok is a port city in the Russian Far East, a gateway to Asia. It is built on several islands and peninsulas.  It is the modern, changing city with its unique Russian and Golden Horn bridges, a huge university campus, and the Seaside Opera House, it is also place of sailors, fishermen and, of course, real adventurers. The city  hosts some world-class events, such as the APEC summit and the Eastern Economic Forum.
National Geographic included Vladivostok in its top 10 of oceanfront cities. This is a bunch of energy on the border of Russia and Asia! It mixes  the sun and sea fogs, bridges and lighthouses, European architecture and oriental cuisine!

In 1958, the city became the main naval base of the Soviet Pacific Fleet and received the status of “closed city”. For more than three decades foreigners could not visit it. A decree that declared Vladivostok to be an opened city was signed in 1991 by the first president of Russia. Vladivostok retained the status of an important transport, industrial, commercial, and financial center.
Visitors are attracted by the well-preserved historical layout, many architectural ensembles, museums, fortifications, nature reserves. The distance to see the sights of Vladivostok will more than pay off with the amazing, truly exotic beauty of the city and its environments. Travelers are impressed by the magnificent Ussuri nature, the cool but generous sea and, of course, the grandiose creations of human hands: from giant bridges to ancient military structures.

Vladivostok city tour
The city was first-founded more than 150 years ago. The foundation began with its Tsesarevich harbor embankment. There is Triumphal Arch and C-56 submarine now. Submarine is one the famous monuments of Vladivostok. Tours are carried out on board every day, hundreds of people look at the periscope, pass through narrow hatches between compartments, take a view of torpedoes and cannot even imagine how submariners could live and fight in such conditions. The submarine has traveled around the world, is noted for its military merits and its happy fate associated with its combat trips.
It is worth to pay close attention to the Vladivostok railway station which  this is the terminus of Trans-Siberian railway. The architectural style of the building is the same as the style of Yaroslavskiy railway station in Moscow, the beginning of the longest railway in the world. This symbolic similarity creates an incredible impression of moving from one part of the world to another.
You delve into Vladivostok’s military history visiting its Fortress including two of the old batteries which now serve as museums. You could also visit the Voroshilovskaya Battery located inside a real military base on Russky Island. This 80 years old building is a fantastic example of military architecture with it’s rational organization and efficient functioning. You will also see the Pacific Navy warships stationed in the heart of the city which demonstrate the continuing importance of this port to Russia.

Far East Federal University Campus
Far East Federal University (FEFU) Campus is one of the most advanced campuses in Russia. On the levels of comfort, functionality and environmental friendliness experts compare it to the best university campuses in Europe and in the US. FEFU campus is located in the quiet venue of Russky Island on the coast of Ajax Bay. Its fascinating sunsets and picturesque views attract guests from all parts of the world. What makes FEFU campus especially attractive is its proximity to the nature. The park and the university embankment are wonderful places for promenades and leisure time for both guests and residents of Vladivostok. 1200 meters long embankment along Ajax Bay is one of the major sightseeing attractions of the campus. Sea air, outdoor activities, pier for smaller pleasure boats, holiday cruisers and yachts – all of that makes an experience of leisure time at the FEFU campus truly pleasant and memorable.

Safari Park
Vladivostok is of course a city that is surrounded by wonderful wild Ussuri nature. Despite the fact that it is very difficult to see predatory animals in their usual habitat, it is possible to do this and see the famous Amur tigers, red deer, leopards and bears and not only them, without bars before eyes, watching their lives from a bridge at a 6-meter height at Safari Park. This is a unique park where not only animals are beautifully shown, but also where tame deer, birds and other animals can be fed by visitors. At this park you will face with the characters of the wonderful story about friendship of hunter and victim. The tiger Amur and the goat Timur are very attached to each other.

Art Park
At Shtikovskie Springs Art Park, tourists  can have a wonderful BBQ. But Art Park is not only the place for BBQ. It is the only complex of Creative Workshops in Russia where more than a dozen areas of decorative and applied art work are open  daily all  year round. The Park has a unique collection of sculptural compositions based on Soviet cartoons and a collection of figures of representatives of the local fauna. And the most impressive art object is a giant stylized sculpture of an Amur tiger almost 10 meters long. In addition, guests of the Art park can make their own souvenirs to commemorate a wonderful holiday.

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