Welcome to Russia - with Marlis Travel!



Russia is the world's largest country. It's a place  where visitors often need a little specialist assistance, in order to sidestep the humdrum and substandard and the find the real gems!

  In-Depth Expertise 


Marlis Travel emerged from among the staff who used to train tourism staff in Russia, before there were private travel  companies. In other words - the people who knew how to make it work, when things didn't normally work very well. That background continues to give us our edge today - as the people wji know Russia travel from the inside. We have our fingers on the pulce, we know what's new, what's hot, and what's not - bringing you that expertise in a usable format is our jib, and we love doing it!



 A company with influence


As a newly-emerged country that's turned its back on the communist past, Russia is still finding its feet in a few areas - especially in customer service. It's a place you need a bit of help, if you're not to get pushed aside in the crush. We have our own carefully-honed avenues for pre-obtaining all those tricky-to-get-things - tickets on the high-end trains suring the summer peak seasonm tickets for the Bolshoi and Mariisnky theatres, private admission to diiferent places of interest, the best, most-knowlegable and personable guide, and hard-to get admissions to timed-entrance exhibitions which are sold-out in advance. Go gome with memories and photographs - not regret and frustrations.



The Personal Touch


We don't have a conveyer-belt , and everything we do is individually sharped for each client - around their priorities and requirements. We love unusual and different - and the challenge it presents! No matter how off-beat or non-standard, we can take your dreams and ideas and turn them into a workable, realistic, non-fail, fireproof itinerary!