Make your own Matryoshka!

This master-class is an amazing opportunity to train your artistic skills and paint a beautiful doll Matryoshka with your own unique design. It is a very creative, fun and relaxing experience, interesting for anyone. The hand-made Matryoshka will be a wonderful memento of your trip to Russia or an unusual present for people dear to… Read More

To the moon!

One of the most outstanding fields Russia is proud of is spaceship technologies. The Soviet space program comprised several of the rocket and space exploration programs conducted by the Soviet Union (USSR) from the 1930s until its collapse in 1991. Over its sixty-year history, this primarily classified military program was responsible for a number of pioneering accomplishments in space flight, including the first intercontinental ballistic missile (R-7), first satellite… Read More

Welcome to Uzbekistan!

Marlis Travel is glad to introduce a new Uzbekistan tour! The Republic of Uzbekistan is situated in the central part of Central Asia between two rivers: Amu Darya and Syr Darya. There are Turan Lowland in the northwest, and Tien-Shan and Pamir-Alay mountain ridges in the southeast of the territory. Kyzyl Kum Desert is in… Read More

Time for a glass of wine

When we are trying to remember the most popular Russian alcoholic drink, in almost all the cases we would come up with vodka. And that is such a cliché.   Marlis Travel breaks down the myth about an exclusiveness of vodka on Russian market presenting a brand new degustation tour – a trip to Fanagoria… Read More

An ice-cream factory above the clouds

Summer is the hottest season in Moscow. Tired of walking tours and scorching sun? We have the best option for you. We present a completely new project that is unique for Russia and Europe – PANORAMA360 – the highest viewing platform in Europe on the roof of the highest skyscraper Moscow City tower. This is… Read More

Soup In a Bread Or What Do You Know About Russian Cuisine?

Russia is famous by its architecture, history, literature and cold weather. However, Russian cuisine is often put aside. We suppose that is not fair as Russian dishes is not just food, but a masterpiece. It seems that everyone knows borsch (a soup from beetroot with some sour cream) as a specialty of Russian cuisine. Actually,… Read More

A bit off a beaten track. Peter’s Road Palace

There are classic places in Moscow: Kremlin, the Red Square, Saint Basil’s Cathedral. But what if you are tired of standard programs and packs of loud tourists that smooth out the impression of Russian legacy? In this case we have a catchy tip for you. We recommend you to visit Peter’s Road palace – an… Read More

FIFA World Cup has come to Russia!

Russia is happy to welcome all the guests of FIFA World Cup! Two weeks have already passed but Russian cities are still gripped by football fever. Only now you have a unique opportunity to play football on Red Square, travel through Russia and enjoy football matches. These are the days when people  all over the… Read More

Welcome to Murmansk – the city of Northen Lights

We would like to announce that watching Northen Lights by yourself is not just a dream anymore! You are welcome to go for the most exciting trip in your life. You will experience Russian national hobbies, have a ride in a dodsled, enjoy preserved Russian nature and even meet a bear. Sounds intersting? Then hurry… Read More

New destinations and tours!

Dear tourists! We are glad to present new destinations and tours . Kazakhstan is a the ninth largest country in the world, located between Europe and Asia. Crossing the territory of Kazakhstan from north to south, you will find yourself not only in different climatic zones, but also in the same range of natural systems, each… Read More

Top 10 things to do in St. Petersburg

1. The Hermitage Museum and the Winter Palace (Palace square) The Palace Square is a place of the Alexander Column and the Winter palace which houses the Hermitage museum. This square is an open-air venue for concerts, parades, political meetings, and occasional sporting events. See more… 2. St Isaac’s Cathedral The golden dome of St… Read More

Top 10 things to do in Moscow

1. Visit the heart of Russia! The Kremlin and its museums The Kremlin is a giant fortress consisting of a brick wall surrounding the Kremlin grounds on which stand cathedrals, a palace, an armory, an arsenal and numerous government buildings. Enjoy the shine of treasures of the Diamond Fund and the Armory Chamber! See more…… Read More

Summer 2015 in Moscow

Enjoy Summer in Moscow! There are so many to see here. DATES From 01 Jun 2015 To 09 Aug 2015 Yes No Why Later – Katharina Grosse’s art project Katharina Grosse’s art project represents the harmonic combination of two different arts: architecture and painting.  By painting trees using various colors the artist makes her installation… Read More

The best time to visit Russia

Usually the high and the most popular season for travelling in Russia is Summer, July – August. September when trees are in yellow and green color, and it’s still warm could be comfortable for visiting. If the goal of your trip in Russia is St. Petersburg the best month will be June during the period of… Read More


You can buy anything in Russian cities especially if you have cash you could  find what you’re looking for at the markets, malls, shops etc. There are many things, souviners, to buy if you know where and what to look for. The most popular and the most classic souvenir from Russia is matryoshka, the set… Read More

What to eat in Russia?

Everybody knows about borsch, pelmeni and vodka in Russia. But there are plenty of meals you should try too: 1) Olivye salad  This salad is sometimes called Russian salad abroad. And the name “Olivye” has a French origin. It is prepared from boiled chicken, potato, carrot, conserved peas, pickled cucumbers, onion and mayonnaise. It’s a little… Read More

Welcome to Sochi!

Dear Travellers I invite you to Sochi I am sure you will enjoy this wonderful place , it is exciting being there in winter during The Olympic Games, and it is breath-taking beautiful all year round Welcome to Sochi, dear guests!

St. Valentine’s Day in Russia

Soon we will celebrate the most romantic holiday  in the year – St. Valentine’s day . This is a quite new holiday to us – came to Russia early 1990. Even it’s not official holiday people do love the idea of this nice holiday. At school children exchange valentines or make special box where you can… Read More

Visa to Russia – New

Russian visa

All foreign citizens must have entry visa to travel in Russia. Since 2013 tourists who travel in Russia by ship and make a stop in St. Petersburg are allowed to stay 72 hrs without visa! You should have the only valid passport. You can leave the ship and come back on board only as part of an… Read More

Welcome to blog!

Dear Guests We are starting to publish the latest and general information about our company, Russia, tours we invite. If you have any question we will be glad to answer.    

Moscow Marathon

Moscow Marathon 42 kilometres and 195 metres around the city and together with the whole city. A marathon is not just the kilometres to run from start to finish. A marathon is the history in which everyone who crosses the finish line is the winner. This year it was the first time when Marlis provided… Read More