Summer in St.Petersburg












There are so many to offer in St. Petersburg. If you are here this Summer you will be taken to have an opportunity to take part / visit one of following events:

DATES 16.04.2015 – 30.09.2015
Intermuseum Project “ORDERED TO SURVIVE!”. On the 70th Anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War

Intermuseum ProjectIntermuseum project, initiated by the Museum of Water, tell citizens and guests of how during the siege of Leningrad urban services, the peculiarities of the organization of urban life and the life-support system. The program includes exhibitions, expositions, historical installations, tours and other activities.

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Location: Museum Complex “The Universe of Water”, Military Medical Museum, Museum of the Defence and Siege of Leningrad, Bread Museum, other city museums


DATES 01.05.2015 – 31.08.2015
Sand Sculpture Festival

In 201Sand Sculpture Festival5, the Sand Sculpture Festival will start in the South Seaside Park and in the MoscowVictoryPark. The visitors will feature sculptures of the most famous and beloved characters from Russian fairy tales, popular heroes of Soviet and Russian cartoons.
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Location: Uzhno-Primorsky Park, “Victory Park” Moscovsky District Park


Dates 27.05.2015 – 2.08.2015
23rd International Music Festival “STARS OF THE WHITE NIGHTS”
“Stars of the White Nights” – the biggest international music forum in Russia. In the poster presented m“STARS OF THE WHITE NIGHTS”ore than two hundred programs: the premiere performances, the opera and ballet performances, concerts of symphonic and chamber music. In 2015, the festival will be dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

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Location: Mariinsky Theatre, Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall, Mariinsky II



Dates 6.06.2015 – 30.08.2015
1st Summer International Organ Festival “VOX VENETIA NORDICA – 2015”

The program VOX VENETIA NORDICAincludes performances of Russian, Australian and Argentine musicians.
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Location: Catholic Church of St. Stanislaus in St. Petersburg



DATES 18.07.2015 – 19.07.2015
15th International Festival of Flower and Landscape Art “IMPERIAL BOUQUET”
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Location: IMPERIAL BOUQUETPavlovsk Museum-Reserve





DATES 31.07.2015 – 5.08.2015
13th International Festival of Choral Art “SINGING WORLD”


International festival “Singing world” was established in 2003. The festival represents a great amount of Choral collectives.
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Location: State Academic Cappella,




DATES 02.08.2015 – 03.08.2015
“The night of ligNIGHT OF LIGHT IN GATCHINAht” is an amazing pyrotechnic performance with the latest multimedia technology.

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Location: Gatchina Museum-Reserve


DATES 01.08.2015 – 15.08.2015
11th International Festival for Short Films and Animation “OPEN CINEMA – 2015”


“Open cinema” Is a unique event of the cinematograph industry and culture life of St. Petersburg. See more…
Location: “Rodina” Cinema Center, “House of Cinema” Cinema Center, “Angleterre” Cinema Center, Beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress, Educational Center “House Benoit



DATES 15.08.2015 – 30.08.2015
2nd St. Petersburg International Marine Festival

2nd St. Petersburg International Marine FestivalThe International Marine Festival is devoted to the honored citizens of St. Petersburg.  The Yacht parade, various workshops and seminars, popular-science films will be held in the context of the event. See more…

Location: streets, open spaces and embankments of the city



DATES 22.08.2015 – 29.08.2015
10th Elena Obraztsova International Contest of Young Opera Singers

10th Elena Obraztsova International Contest of Young Opera SingersEnjoy a wonderful performance of young and talented musicians! See more…

Location: Shostakovich Academic Philharmonic (Grand Hall)



DATES 01.09.2015 – 30.11.2015
ThANCIENT-MODERN-IMMORTALe visitors will have a chance to see different masterpieces of Russian and Soviet sculptors such as V. Domogatsky, V. Ignatiev, D. Kaminker, V.Klykov, L.Kolibaba, O.Komov, S.Konenkov, E.Rotanov, K.Simun, L.Smorgon, S.Erzia etc. See more…

Location: The State Russian Museum, The St. Michael’s Castle



DATES 03.06.15-31.10.15
Magic of light is an exhibition of holograms, rays and tunnels of light, colour music.

The visitors will get an opportunity to enjoy evolution of the Lightning technologies.
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Location: Museum of optics