The best time to visit Russia

Usually the high and the most popular season for travelling in Russia is Summer, July – August. September when trees are in yellow and green color, and it’s still warm could be comfortable for visiting.

If the goal of your trip in Russia is St. Petersburg the best month will be June during the period of “White nights”. It stays light until midnight and the streets and pubs are full of people as everyone tries to make the most of this time. The cheapest but the longest way to get to St. Petersburg is to take a bus from Tallinn or Riga. There is also a nice high-speed train from Helsinki. Marlis Travel will be glad to book the tickets.

To see how beautiful Russia in Winter you should go to the coutnryside or the famous Siberia. You can enjoy the marvelous new-fallen snow or take a ride on troika . This is the spectacular and cold period at the same time. The middle temperature is – 20…-30 C depends on the city, obvisiosly.  Moscow temperature in January falls to -12 degrees. St Petersburg has a temperature of -8 degrees at the same period.Please prepare the warm clothers.

If you don’t like many tourists around book your flight in May, begininng of June, Septemer and October.  There are many open-air concerts and festivals such as  the International Ballet Award Festival, the Chekov International Theatre Festival etc. The Fall is pleased you by colourful trees and still warm temperature.

November and December are dark and not always snow. February is the worst month to visit the country: windy and extremely cold. This year March is unwonted warm and sunny. Usually Spring comes to Russia in the middle of April.

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