Visa support

Russian visa

Every foreign visitor needs Russian Visa to enter the country. Your local Russian Consulate will give the list of the documents you need to apply for the visa (a passport, photos, application form etc AND Russian Visa Support – also called invitation). Marlis-Travel can issue one for you if you book services through us. We can also provide Chinese Visa Support.

Russian Visa support (RVS) – 15 euro per person

Tourist Visa:

  • For a stay not longer than 30 days
  • Valid only for the specific dates and cities of your itinerary
  • Only issued 3 months or less before the date of your arrival in Russia
  • Only issued to people who have booked some accommodation with us?

    The RVS consists of two parts:

  • The invitation/confirmation
  • The voucher (the document that states your entry & exit days, cities of visit, places of accommodation)?

    We fax the RVS to you or send you a scan copy by email. You will need to check with the local Russian Embassy whether they’ll need the original of the RVS – they might ask for it sometimes. 

    Visa Registration: 
    There is a law that says that all foreigners must get their visas registered within 72 hours since their arrival in Russia. You can only get a registration stamp from the hotel where you stay. In accordance with the law, the company who invites you into Russia, is responsible for your registration. As a guarantee that your visa is registered on time, we can provide you with the RVS only if you book some accommodation with us and stay at the hotels in all other places you visit in Russia. 

    In order for us to provide you with RVS we need to know the following personal info:
    Family name 
    First name 
    Middle name
    Date of birth
    Passport number
    Passport expiration date
    Citizenship Cities to be visited Arrival/departure details