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Summer 2015 in Moscow

Enjoy Summer in Moscow! There are so many to see here. DATES From 01 Jun 2015 To 09 Aug 2015 Yes No Why Later – Katharina Grosse’s art project Katharina Grosse’s art project represents the harmonic combination of two different arts: architecture and painting.  By painting trees using various colors the artist makes her installation… Read More


You can buy anything in Russian cities especially if you have cash you could  find what you’re looking for at the markets, malls, shops etc. There are many things, souviners, to buy if you know where and what to look for. The most popular and the most classic souvenir from Russia is matryoshka, the set… Read More

What to eat in Russia?

Everybody knows about borsch, pelmeni and vodka in Russia. But there are plenty of meals you should try too: 1) Olivye salad  This salad is sometimes called Russian salad abroad. And the name “Olivye” has a French origin. It is prepared from boiled chicken, potato, carrot, conserved peas, pickled cucumbers, onion and mayonnaise. It’s a little… Read More