Architectural Moscow tour

Day 1
Historical Moscow
With continuous occupation since the mid 12th century, the history of Moscow is alive in her streets, parks, forests, palaces and traditional buildings. Let us take you around the city, and show you distinctive highlights in the historical fabric of this city still in use today.

Day 2
Art Noveau Moscow
While most people think of Paris or Barcelona when they hear the words “art nouveau”, Moscow is filled with many art nouveau gems, and we will share them with you! From the Grand Hotel Metropol to the beautiful Morosov Mansion, Australian Embassy, Shekhtel House, etc , many of the beautiful buildings from the late19th – early 20th century remain in use and in good form in the centre of Moscow. We will spend the day looking at these lovely places, and rounding out the tour with visits to charming Gorky House, the masterpiece of “Russian Gaudi” architect Shekhtel

Day 3
Avangarde Architecture
The Russian Avangarde and Constructivist architecture of the 1920s and 1930s gives us some of the most remarkable and exciting buildings in Moscow. Come tour these fascinating buildings with us and see for yourself why and how the International Style of Modern architecture was influenced by these movements.