Imperial St. Petersburg

Throughout a period of 200 years (1712-1918) the city of St. Petersburg was the concentration of the wealth and splendor of Russian Imperial Family and their Palaces.
Mikhailovsky Palace is a splendid neoclassical residence of Grand Duke Michael Pavlovich, erected in 1819-25 to a design by Carlo Rossi on Square of Arts.
The Stroganov Palace is a late Baroque Palace built to Bartolomeo Rastrelli’s designs for Baron Sergei Stroganov in 1753-1754.
The Menshikov Palace is a Petrine Baroque edifice, situated on Vasilyevsky Island. The palace was founded in 1710 as a residence of Saint Petersburg Governor General Alexander Menshikov.
The Palace of the Yusupovs on the Moika from 1830 to 1917 belonged to the House of Yusupov, an immensely wealthy family of Russian nobles, known for their philanthropy and art collections.
Marble Palace is situated slightly to the east from Winter Palace. The palace was built by Count Grigory Orlov, the favorite of Empress Catherine the Great and the most powerful Russian nobleman of the 1760s.
St. Michael’s (Engineers) Castle was built as a residence for Emperor Paul I in 1797-1801. In 1801 Paul I was assassinated in his own bedroom, by a group of dismissed officers only 40 nights after he moved into his newly built castle.
The Summer Palace (1710–14), one of the earliest buildings in Saint Petersburg, was designed by Domenico Trezzini for Tsar Peter the Great. This masonry palace contains just 14 main rooms.
You will also see
The Tauride Palace is one of the largest and most historic palaces in Saint Petersburg built for Prince Grigory Potemkin of Tauride
The Belosselsky-Belozersky Palace;
The Anichkov Palace takes its name from the nearby Anichkov Bridge across the Fontanka. In 1754, the palace was presented by the Empress to her favorite and likely spouse, Count Aleksey Razumovsky.